Skin and Darkness Zombies

Quote: “Honey? Don’t you recognize me?”

Stats: Bod 8 (Tgh 7), Chi 0 (Mag 8), Mnd 6 (Int 7), Ref 6

Skills: Creature Powers 10, Deceit 10, Intrusion 12

Creature: Soul Twist x3, Damage Immunity: Unarmed Attack, Damage Immunity: Firearms

Unique Schticks: Copycat: A Skin and Darkness Zealot can mimic near-perfectly the habits and voice of the person whose skin it wears. A Zealot does not gain the memories of the skin’s former owner, however, and the stitches used to hold the skin over the shadow are obvious if the creature is seen without clothes. Likewise, if the skin is cut or torn, the shadow beneath it is easy to see.

Weapons: punch (8), kick (9), Soul Twist (11)

Skin and Darkness Zombies

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