Slap Patch


This first aid device is a palm-sized rectangular chunk of ARB with a powerful adhesive along one side. When you want to use it, tear the waxed paper covering off the adhesive and glom it onto a wounded living being. The character applying the slap patch makes an Arcanowave Device check; subtract the Action Result from the patient’s Wound Point total. There is no such thing as negative Wound Points and no way to save up healing to apply against future wounds. The patient heals immediately, as the arcanowaves emanating from the ARB patch temporarily reconstitute his DNA for rapid healing. This can be a shock to a weakened system; the patient must make a Constitution check with the number of Wound Points healed as Difficulty; failure means that the patient suffers an additional 4 Wound Points instead of being healed.

The patient must make a mutation check with a the Difficulty of 3 at the end of the session; this is cumulative with other additions to the mutation check Difficulty.

The user of this schtick gets a kit which allows for the manufacture of slap patches. It includes a growing vat, tiny crystals of “seed” ARB which grow into the full chunks, a supply of chemical broth for the vat, a jar of adhesive, and a supply of wax paper covers. Don’t worry about how the character gets replacement material when it runs out; like a gunman’s constant supply of highly illegal weaponry, this should never be an issue in an action movie context. It is possible to grow one slap patch per day in this manner. A character adds 1 to the end-of-session mutation check for each slap patch he grows.

Slap Patch

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