Attribute Modifiers: Intelligence & Charisma +2, Reflexes +3

Coil Chi: 3 / Shots: X
Remain inactive for X number of shots, and then make a 3 shot Martial Arts attack on an opponent. Add double the number of shots you were inactive to your Action Value for the attack.

Shed Skin Chi: special / Shots: special
You may abandon your old human form in favor of a completely new human appearance of your choice. You may never return to your former appearance. Doing so costs 8 chi points; these points do not return until 12 hours have elapsed. The transformation itself takes 1 hour; no residue (scales, flesh, etc.) is left behind. If you spend an additional schtick on this ability, you can recreate the appearance of specific people you have studied carefully for at least a week immediately prior to your use of the schtick; this means that even with two schticks spent you still can’t go back to your old form.

Strike Chi: 4 / Shots: 1
Make a normal Martial Arts attack with a shot cost of 1.

Warning Chi: X / Shots: 1
Make a fierce display of rapid martial arts moves while hissing and baring your teeth. Make a Martial Arts check with target opponent’s Willpower as the Difficulty. If you succeed, your Dodge rating against that opponent increases by X (any amount of Chi you elect to spend) until end of sequence. For each extra schtick you spend on this ability, you may target an additional opponent. When used against multiple opponents, use the highest Willpower among your targeted opponents as the Difficulty.


Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte