Fs sorcerer

“You do not want to taste the wrath of the Abysmal Fountain, poltroon! So step aside!”

You are a master of the occult arts, capable of focusing and directing chi forces so that it powers your dread incantations. You can melt sabers by uttering a few words of power, set enemies aflame, and reduce speeding vehicles to so much primordial goop. Although there are many ways to do harm to an opponent, none has quite the awe-inspiring effect of a lightning bolt cast from a magician’s hand. You have some trouble activating your great powers in later junctures, such as our own and 1850, where the chi flow has been suppressed. But in other junctures, your power is terrifyingly great. However, in most places the sorcerer is synonymous with cruelty and sinister doings. You wish that it were otherwise, but the sad fact is that most who follow the ways of the occult end up doing great harm to the people. They have been corrupted by exposure to the Underworld, the home of demons and evil spirits. Or perhaps they have been seduced by their own lust for power. Given the bad reputation of sorcerers, you have learned to keep your mystic abilities hidden. You feel a special responsibility to prevent your corrupted brethren from having their foul way with the world. Your natural enemies are the Ascended, who wish to suppress magic throughout the time stream, and the Architects, who wish to twist it and make it a servant of their technology. You may be involved in the secret war in order to fight these foes, or to pursue your own melodramatic hook.

Juncture: 69


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0 (Mag =8)
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 2 points each to three different primary attributes.
    Add 2 points to one secondary attribute.


  • Info/History +4 (9)
  • Info/[your choice] +4 (9)
  • Info/[your choice] +2 (7)
    Sorcery +7 (=15)

Schticks: 5 sorcery schticks

Quick Schtick Pick: Blast, Divination, Fertility, Heal, Movement

Wealth Level: rich


Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte