Stat Schticks

So you thought having a Strength score of 11 was pretty impressive, huh? A great way to ratchet up that Martial Arts damage score? (Right now, in my head, I can hear the voice of some protesting gamer. I hear that a lot, actually. He’s saying “No, my character concept required that much hypertrophic beef. It had nothing to do with the possibility of doing immense damage with a single pimp slap. Really!”)

Hey, relax. Everyone loves big fat stats. What’s not to like? They’re the underpinning of the mechanics, so naturally people tend to poke them up as high as they can. That’s perfectly in keeping with the extra-buff, maxed-out, over the top philosophy of Feng Shui, wuxia movies and action flicks in general. It’s good to want to be absurdly powerful. So good, in fact, that we’re giving you extra rewards for it. Introducing the Stat Schtick.

Just as having a monstrous Guns score lets you learn cool gun schticks and an implausibly high Fu score gives you access to fu schticks, so (now) can a towering stat make it possible to learn schticks based on that stat.

It’s not easy, of course. Is anything in Feng Shui ever easy? (Well, okay, mowing down two mooks with a Hellharrower is pretty easy.) First off, you can only learn a stat schtick if the relevant stat is really high—11 or better. (This excludes most starting characters off the bat, of course.) Secondly, you can’t start out knowing these. (Okay, there’s a couple exceptions, but for the most part you can’t.) Third—I’ll come out and say it—they cost a lot of experience points. The formula for buying these is (current stat score + number of schticks you already have in that stat). If you’ve got Magic 12 and already have one Aura of Sorcery schtick, your next Magic schtick is going to cost you 13 points (Mag 12 + 1). Ironically, if your stat was lower, you’d have an easier time learning the schtick. But then again, high attributes are their own reward, aren’t they?

One last thing: Unless it specifically states otherwise, you can only take any particular stat schtick one time. This means you can’t buy up extra levels of “Quick Study” and multiply the benefit.

Stat Schticks

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