Supernatural Creature

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You are a being from the Underworld, a mystic realm haunted by demons and the spirits of the dead. You are yourself a being that humans would describe as a monster or evil spirit. But you are not evil, for even the spawn of the Underworld are capable of exercising free will and doing right instead of wrong. You realize, however, that almost none of your kindred bother to make this effort. They live to terrorize and to inflict pain. You did, too, until you were summoned and dominated by the cruel eunuch sorcerers of the Eaters of the Lotus. At first, you followed their orders—you had no choice, shackled by mystic bonds. But eventually you were able, through intense mental effort, to break free of their influence. You saw around you people who lived in fear, people whose lives were seen as mere playthings by your Lotus masters. And although most demons would never even think such thoughts, you decided that you would atone for the wrongs you had done, and destroy those who had forced you to do them. Or maybe you just want to find a permanent escape from your former tormentors. Supernatural Creatures vary widely in appearance, but all are horrific. Some appear as decomposed human corpses, others as grotesque ogres. Others bear no resemblance to the humanoid form. Although you may now fight for the forces of good, your alarming features prevent you from ever passing as a normal member of society. Perhaps this is your greatest dream. You hide in isolation, or maybe walk among men using the power of transformation to resemble them. If so, your greatest fear is that you will one day be unable to hold back the bestial instincts that still swirl mightily in your soul—that you will in some furious manner or another reveal the monster that lurks within you.

Juncture: 69

Bod 5
Chi 0 (Mag =8)
Mnd 3
Ref 5
Add 5 to any one primary attribute. Add 3 to another primary attribute. Add 1 to a third primary attribute.


  • Creature Powers +7 (=15)
  • Martial Arts +4 (9) [Max 12]
    Add 3 Skill Bonuses. The GM should reject any skills that don’t make sense for a Supernatural Creature.

Schticks: 5 Creature Powers

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Blast
  • Damage Immunity (unarmed attacks)
  • Flight
  • Foul Spew (Glutinous Goo)
  • Transformation

Limitation: You can’t be healed by doctors (characters using the Medicine skill), except by those trained in 69 AD.

Wealth Level: poo

Supernatural Creature

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