Fs techie

“Fortunately, I whiped up a little something in my workshop this morning in preparation for this eventuality… ”

You’re an inventor type whose primary weapon is your specially-designed gear. Sure, you know guns inside and out—you’ve been assembling and disassembling them since you were a toddler—but that’s just the beginning of your talents. Whether it’s surveillance or espionage gear, ingeniously-disguised weapons, or more exotic equipment rigged up for a special occasion, you have a beeping, whirring or pinging device for any occasion. You are always covered in grease. Your idea of a thrilling evening is to sit in a chair, eat junk food, and memorize a technical manual. The last time you fell in love, it was with a classic car. This whole business of the secret war seems awfully confusing to you. You’ve never understood why tyrants struggle for power; the evening news has always gone right over your head. As far as you’re concerned, why everybody doesn’t just want to sit in their workshops and make stuff is life’s biggest mystery. But you know that the first thing bad guys want to control in any situation is technology. You know how to make stuff, and to the power groups of the secret war that makes you dangerous. If you don’t want to be captured and locked up in a lab for the rest of your life making weapons and other boring items, you’re going to have to get up off your overall-wearing butt and do something to make the world a safer place. Maybe after you’re done that, you can finally get back to perfecting that phase capacitor you’ve been tinkering with for years.

Juncture: contemporary, 2056


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0 (For 1)
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Add 3 to one primary attribute, 2 to another, and 1 to a third primary attribute.


  • Driving +10 (=15)
  • Fix-It +10 (=15)
  • Guns +6 (11) [Max 13]
  • Info/Science +4 (9)
    Add 3 Skill Bonuses.

Weapons: 1 gun of appropriate juncture

Unique Schtick: You always happen to have the right item on hand. When you want to pull any tool or gadget item out of your handy toolkit, spend a Fortune point and—bingo—you got it!

Quick Schtick Pick: Cntp.: Rossi Model 851; 2056: Buro Beat Patroller

Wealth Level: working stiff


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