Tiger 2


Attribute Modifiers: Strength +1, Reflexes +2

Bite Chi: 7 / Shots: 3
Make a successful called shot (see p. 137) with Martial Arts to bite your opponent’s windpipe. If successful, derive the Outcome of the attack using the opponent’s Constitution instead of his Dodge or Parry value. If you spend an extra schtick on this ability, you also ignore any Armor the opponent may have when making this attack.

Mark Prey Chi: 3 / Shots: 3
Strike an opponent bare-handed, making a Martial Arts check with the opponent’s Chi rating as the Difficulty. You do not do normal Damage. Each time you successfully hit an opponent with Mark Prey, you gain a +1 Martial Arts Action Value bonus on further attempts to hit that opponent. These bonuses are cumulative. If you spend one schtick on this power, any bonuses last until the end of the fight. If you spend two schticks, bonuses last for a week. If you spend three schticks, they last for a month. If you spend four schticks (the maximum for this ability), they last for a year.

Pounce Chi: X / Shots: 3
Leap upon your opponent from a distance. Make a Martial Arts check. If successful, you hit your opponent, adding X (the distance in meters between you and your opponent before making the leap) to the Damage value.

Surprise Chi: X / Shots: 3
Hit an opponent who is unaware of your presence in hand-to-hand combat, adding X (the amount of chi you elect to spend) to your Action Value.


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