Transformed Animal

Fs tansformed animal

“Humanity is not a matter of lineage. It is a matter of soul.”

In the 69 AD juncture, transformed animals are beings who have assumed human form through years of meditation and spiritual practice. Once they were intelligent snakes, foxes, tortoises, spiders or other creatures. But they have defied natural law to become human in all outward aspects. They have taken a short cut on the ladder of reincarnation because they envy the life of humans. You are one of these beings. You live in constant apprehension of attacks by sorcerers , some of whom seek to restore the natural order by casting transformed animals back into their original forms. This is terrifying to you because, once changed back to your original animal form, you will not be able to become human again. You are not like a werewolf or other creature that can change back and forth between human and animal forms at will. (Use the supernatural creature archetype if you want to play a werecreature.) You want only to live in peace among humans, but have somehow been drawn into the secret war. Maybe you’re protecting the humans you love from harm. Perhaps you’re simply trying to protect yourself from exposure.

In the 1850 or contemporary junctures, a transformed animal is actually the descendant of one of the above beings. You were born in human form, as were generations upon generations of your ancestors. But you are still vulnerable to the effects of magic; exposure to it can permanently revert you into the form of your ancestor animal. Most transformed animals are members of the Ascended. You, however, are either unaware of your true heritage or have turned your back on Ascended membership for some reason. It is likely that the Ascended know of your existence. You think that you’ve managed to cover your trail, and that they don’t know your current identity. But you know that they have eyes and ears everywhere, and you find yourself looking over your shoulder, wondering whether that person behind you is a spy for the Lodge.

Reclusive by nature, only atypical transformed animals are sufficiently interested in matters of power or politics to become involved with the secret war for its own sake. But you are an emotional entity, easily drawn into conflict through ties of love, family, or sacred vow. In other words, if you take this kind of character then make sure your melodramatic hook gives you a good reason to get involved in the action

Juncture: 69, 1850, contemporary


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 7 (For 2)
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Attributes are changed depending on which transformed animal package you choose. See Chapter 8: Transformed Animals on p. 108.


  • Guns +2 (7) [Max 13]
  • Info/History +3 (8)
  • Info/your choice +3 (8)
  • Martial Arts +6 (11) [Max 13]
    Add 8 Skill Bonuses.

Schticks: 5 schticks in 1 transformed animal package

Quick Schtick Pick: spider

Special Limitation: Cannot learn Sorcery; if returned to animal form through exposure to magic, your character is retired from the game. Transformed Animals from 69 are somewhat better at resisting reversion than those from other junctures.

Wealth Level: working stif

Transformed Animal

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