Velocity Addict

Fs velocity addict

[HONK! HONK!] “Yeeeeehaaaaaw!”

Let others chase after wealth, romance, vengeance, or the power to warp the world into a distorted reflection of their desires. The only power you crave is the power to go as fast as you possibly can. The wind in your hair, the rumble of an engine, and the feeling of g-forces pulling your face back into a grotesque grimace—that’s your meat. That’s what you live for.

Maybe you’re an urban tough intent on reliving Grease without all those simpy songs. Maybe you’re a young Turk on the racing circuit, trying to get your fair shot at the trophies, the glory and the motor oil endorsements. Or maybe you’re just a good ole’ boy, never meanin’ no harm, beatin’ all you ever saw an’ gett’n in trouble with the law since the day you was born. No matter where or when you were born, under the skin you’re cousin to all the other speed freaks rocketing along the city viaducts or dusty country highways.

Unfortunately, there are some people who’d like to take your freedom away. In 1996, habitual speeding can result in big fines and (worse yet) the loss of your license. In 2056, it’s more along the lines of savage beatings and extensive personality modification. But the song of speed runs through your blood, and you’re not going to let a few spoilsports in State Trooper brown or Public Order chrome shut you down.

Perhaps as you enter the Secret War, you’ll come to realize that the freedom of the open road isn’t the only freedom that matters.

(Even if it is the most important)

Juncture: Contemporary, 2056


  • Bod 5
  • Chi 0
  • Mnd 5
  • Ref 5
    Divide 5 points among your primary attributes.


  • Driving +10 (=15)
  • Fix-it +7 (12)
  • Martial Arts +5 (10) [Max 13]
  • Info/Racing +5 (10)
  • Gambling +3 (3)
    Add 3 skill bonuses. You may change Martial Arts to Guns if desired.
  • Schticks: 4 driving schticks (see page 117)

Weapon: 1 weapon of appropriate juncture

Quick Schtick Pick:

  • Driving Schticks: Signature Ride, Greased Lightning, Jackrabbit Start x2
  • Weapon: Big wrench (treat as club)

Wealth Level: Working Stiff

Velocity Addict

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