Ich Bin Ein Bruiser

By the time you get your Constitution up to 11 or higher, you’re a contender for the honored title of “Big Bruiser.” Now you can finally buy the schtick that was formerly limited to bruisers: the ability to put off your Death Checks until you hit 50 Wound Points. You take –1 Impairment at 40 Wounds and –2 at 45.

Immutable Self

Any time you fail a check that would physically transform you into something other than yourself, you can make a second check against the same difficulty, rolling your Constitution this time. This doesn’t let you ignore stuff like gunshots, punches or blast schticks. (With two exceptions: the Transformation and Disease blasts. If those succeed, the sorcerer has to roll the attack again and beat your Constitution instead of your Dodge AV.) Instead, it gives you a second chance when it comes to Mutation Checks, Reversion Checks, the Corruption schtick and anything else that might transform your body into something else. Your mind is still vulnerable to the Influence schtick or what-ever, but your body stays the same.


Feng Shui: The Lost Island DJSchotte