These effects all depend on the core ability to measure and modify the flow of chi in the natural environment. A Backlash with any Fertility effect decreases the sorcerer’s Constitution rating by 1 until the end of the session.

Fertility Special Effects

De-Attunement. You can sever an individual’s link to all of his feng shui sites, forcing him to reattune to them in order to continue getting their benefits. Difficulty is the highest of the following: victim’s Sorcery or Magic rating, or (the number of feng shui sites he is attuned to) x3.

Germination. Creates powders and potions to make plant seeds germinate even in very barren soil conditions, or to increase milk production in cows and goats. Neither of these effects requires a task check.

This can also be cast on people or animals to make them more likely to conceive offspring. Base Difficulty is 5. If the subject of this latter effect is unknowing or unwilling, add its Magic or Chi rating to the Difficulty. If the check is successful, the GM makes a special check the next time the subject engages in activities likely to lead to procre
ation, adding the Outcome to an open roll. If the end result is positive, the female partner conceives. If the end result is over 15, animals get larger litters and human subjects will have twins or even triplets.

The sorcerer can also create potions of reversed effect that will retard plant growth, sour cow’s milk, and make animals and people temporarily infertile.

Growth. Creates a potion which causes all plants in the vicinity to immediately increase their size. Vicinity means within 5m of the point where the potion is poured onto the earth. For each 5% size increase desired by the sorcerer, Difficulty goes up by 1.

Example: To create a potion that will increase the size of corn stalks in a field by 5%, the Difficulty is 1. If the increase is 25%, the Difficulty is 5. If the increase is 75%, the Difficulty is 15. If the increase is 150 percent, the Difficulty is 30.

Harvest Chi. The sorcerer may spend a Magic point to add an extra positive die to any task check she attempts.

Observe Chi. Allows the sorcerer to see the flow of chi in an area. The stronger a place’s chi, the easier it is for the sorcerer to see. She can immediately identify feng shui sites. She can identify the particular features in a natural formation or building that either channel or retard the flow of chi. The sorcerer can precisely peg the Chi rating of any character she can directly observe for more than thirty seconds. She can also see any lingering magical or arcanowave effects: these both deform the flow of chi in distinctive ways. None of these actions requires a task check.

Steal Chi. The sorcerer may spend a Magic point to add an extra negative die to any task check attempted by any other character she is currently observing. Seeing someone through remote viewing aids such as binoculars and video cameras counts as observing.

Restore Chi. The sorcerer can restore chi flow where it has been disrupted or altered by sorcery or arcanowave technology. This cancels any currently-active magic or arcanowave effects. Difficulty equals the Sorcery or Arcanowave Action Value of the character who caused the effect. The fertility sorcerer need only equal or exceed the Difficulty in order to completely neutralize the effect. If the Restore Chi attempt is made at the same time as a Sorcery or Arcanowave check and is successful, it prevents the Sorcery or Arcanowave effect from taking effect in the first place.


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