Gambler Schticks

Know When to Fold ‘Em

Accomplished gamblers can win at almost any game of chance. But they also know when the chips are down, and it’s time to cut their loses. Even the best get beaten sometimes; the smart ones know when they’re beat and can walk away before they go deeper in the hole.

The dumb ones keep trying to win it all back—and end up losing everything they have. With this schtick, the gambler can ignore one failed Gambling roll per scene. It is as if the roll had never been made; the character gets to keep his shirt and his reputation remains intact.

In certain high stakes games, the gambler may take this schtick one step further; by spending a Fortune Die he can change one failed gambling check to a successful check. The check is considered only marginally successful; it grants no special bonuses or perks other than the stakes initially offered. But if the party’s cash flow is riding on one roll of the dice, or you need a favor from a GMC and he won’t give it to you until you beat him at poker, it can come in mighty handy. Great gamblers aren’t great all the time; great gamblers are great when they have to be

Gambler Schticks

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