This is the ability to restore individuals to good health and repair objects. If the character is a Chinese sorcerer, she is in all probability an alchemist. She whips up her cures by mixing various powders and potions she carries on her person; these are then either applied externally or taken orally. Laying on of hands to heal is a special effect more appropriate for Western characters. Backlash effects vary by special effect, but generally will do the reverse of the desired effect to the sorcerer and not help the target.

Heal Special Effects

Cure Diseases. Difficulty varies depending on the severity of the illness. A cold virus would be Difficulty 6; pneumonia, Difficulty 8; chronic heart illness, Difficulty 12; cancer, Difficulty 15; AIDS, Difficulty 20. Nasty arcanowave biohazards engineered by the Architects cause diseases of at least Difficulty 15. In a Backlash, the sorcerer contracts the illness she is attempting to heal. If the sorcerer is trying to cure herself and suffers a Backlash, she infects a friend or loved one, usually one nearby or recently encountered.

Heal Wounds. Make a Sorcery task check and subtract the Action Result from a wounded person’s total Wound Points. This may not be performed during a fight or other ongoing injury-inducing crisis. In a Backlash, the sorcerer suffers a number of Wound Points equal to the patient’s current total. See p. 137 of the Fighting section for general rules on Medical Assistance.

Immortality. The holy grail for Western alchemists was the ability to transmute lead into gold; for Chinese alchemists it was the secret of immortality. With this effect, you can reverse a year’s worth of the aging process in yourself or others.
Difficulty is the actual age of the recipient divided by 5. Recipient must permanently decrease her Magic secondary attribute by 1; it is not possible to go below 0. In a Backlash, all benefits from previous Immortality effects reverse themselves; if the recipient is past normal life expectancy, he dies. This seems like more of a problem for the recipient than the sorcerer, but recipients usually make arrangements for servants and allies to slay sorcerers incompetent enough to blow their immortality checks.

Material Restoration. Repair any broken or damaged inanimate object. Difficulty increases with the size and complexity of the item. A small, simple item like a pair of scissors would be Difficulty 4. A small and complex item like a gun, or a large and simple item like a brick wall, would be Difficulty 8. Small and very complex items like a palmtop computer would be Difficulty 12, as would large and complex items like cars. Very large and very complex items, like jet fighters, would be Difficulty 16. It is not possible to repair arcanowave devices with this or any other purely magical spell. On a Backlash, the item is permanently destroyed and cannot be repaired by any means.

Poison Antidotes. Formulate potions to neutralize the effect of toxins in the body. Difficulty is the Damage Value of the poison. If the Sorcery check exceeds the Difficulty, all Wound Points done by the poison are canceled out. On a backlash, the sorcerer suffers a number of Wound points equal to those done by the poison. This effect also works against the lingering effects of the supernatural creature schtick Corruption (p. 103); in this case, Difficulty is the Creature Powers Action Value of the creature that did the corrupting. Backlash: sorcerer becomes corrupted.


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