Kung Fu

Inner Might

When you really need it, you can dig deep into your mines of personal energy. There’s a price, of course, but when you really need that extra bit of juice, you can get it. Specifically, in the middle of a fight you can instantly gain five extra Fu Points to spend as you wish. However, the cost of doing this is that your Fu score is reduced by 1—permanently. If your Fu drops below 11, you lose this schtick too. Inner Might has no shot cost.

Dueling Fu

You can challenge an opponent with your personal energy. You do this by locking eyes with him. At that point, both of you start pushing each other with your chi. Neither of you can do anything but passively dodge (and say macho things like “Your Kung Fu is weak, young pup!” to each other) until the Fu duel ends. Every shot until the duel ends, each of you can spend one Fu Point, or you can look away. (On a shot where your opponent looks away, you don’t spend Fu.) The duelist who looks away first, or who runs out of Fu, loses the duel. This is bad: Losing costs 3 shots, and the loser can’t spend Fu Points on schticks targeting the winner for the next three sequences.

Kung Fu

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