Medic Schticks

“It’s Just a Flesh Wound”

You’ve been in some hot spots before, and have sewed up a lot of bodies. You might not be a doctor or have any medical training, but you know what leaky wounds look like and you’ve figured out how to close them so they don’t open again. Even gunpowder can be used to cauterize injuries; all you need is a pen-knife and some thread. You can add an additional 2 points to the Action Result of the relevant task check (see Healing Rules in the Feng Shui basic book for more information).

Snatched From Death

You’ve got a knack for shutting off that light at the end of the tunnel and dragging a dying character back to the agonizing pain of his current existence. By spending an extra two shots on any stabilization check that specifically keeps a character from dying, you automatically succeed at the attempt. Such a check can only be made once per combat; if another buddy takes a second piece of shrapnel after you’ve stabilized him, he’s out of luck. A character you’ve pulled back from the brink can only get more in-combat healing from fu schticks, magic schticks and arcanoware. Usually, he gets to lie quietly on the floor until Mr. Neurosurgeon can have a look at him. He remains unconscious and out of the action for the duration of the scene.

You must be conscious and able to move in order to use this schtick. You cannot use it on yourself.

Medic Schticks

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