Allows the spellcaster to move objects around from a distance.

The Backlash from any movement effect causes the sorcerer to be violently hurled a number of meters equal to the Difficulty of the check in a random direction. This will likely entail taking some Wound Points, the exact number being up to the GM. It should be based on what the sorcerer lands on.

Movement Special Effects

Chucking Things About. The sorcerer must be able to see the target object at the time that the spell is cast. Visual aids such as binoculars and remote video cameras work just fine in this regard, but a photograph of the object wouldn’t work. The Difficulty is the weight of the affected object(s) in kg, divided by 5. A 50 kg rock would be Difficulty 10; a 100 kg rock would be Difficulty 20. The maximum distance that the object can be moved equals the Outcome of the Sorcery check x 3m. Objects under 5kg can be moved automatically, without the need for a Sorcery check.

Sometimes it is possible to move larger objects by applying just enough force to get them rolling under their own steam. For example, a sorcerer might want to move a tractor trailer parked on the side of a hill. After using Remote Manipulation (see below) to take care of the parking brake, 50 kg or so of pressure in the right place would get the truck rolling down the hill.

Flight. The sorcerer can fly through the air at her usual Move rate. This does not require a Sorcery check. However, the sorcerer will need to make checks when doing complicated things like picking up other people, making active Dodges, zipping through small openings, and so forth.

Stillness. The sorcerer can balance in any position without apparent effort, for a number of shots equal to the Outcome. Particularly tricky positions (up on one toe, for instance) may add 3, or even more, to the Difficulty. Efforts to detect breath and other signs of life use the sorcerer’s Sorcery rating as the Difficulty. The sorcerer may also creep along at one meter per sequence, for a number of sequences equal to the Outcome, dodging nearly all motion sensors and most people’s peripheral vision sense of something moving nearby.

Remote Manipulation. The sorcerer can perform tasks based on the Manual Dexterity secondary attribute without touching the objects involved. As with Chucking Things About, the sorcerer must be able to somehow see the objects at the time the spell is cast. The Difficulty of the Sorcery check is the same as the Difficulty to perform the task normally; the Sorcerer must succeed both at the Sorcery check and the relevant skill check for the effect to work.

Speed. The sorcerer can increase her Speed rating, or that of another character, for 1 sequence. The Difficulty is the subject’s current Speed plus 5. The Outcome is the number of additional Speed points the subject gains for the duration of the subsequent sequence. The sorcerer must be able to somehow see the subject. Characters who don’t want to be speeded up can resist with their Dodge, Magic, or Chi ratings.

The sorcerer can likewise decrease the Speed ratings of other characters. Difficulty is the target’s Magic or Chi rating, whichever is higher. If the target is aware of the spell and elects to actively Dodge, the Dodge rating becomes the Difficulty. The Outcome is the number of additional Speed points the subject loses for the duration of the subsequent sequence. The sorcerer must be able to somehow see the subject.


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