Stone Griffin

Stats: Bod 15 (Tgh 0), Chi 0, Mnd 1, Ref 8

Skills Martial Arts 12

Creature: Abysmal Spines x2 (talons and beak), Flight

Schticks: Stone Body: As the stone griffins are animated statues, they don’t take damage in the way living beings do. They have no Toughness per se, but the cloudstuff of which they are made is extremely strong, and the Griffins must be blasted into chunks in order to destroy them. Any attack that does less than ten points of base damage simply has no effect on them, no matter how high the Outcome (except magic and fu-based attacks). It takes 60 points of damage to destroy a griffin (-1 impairment at 50, -2 at 55). Because they are not living creatures, the griffins do not make Death Checks. Once a griffin takes 60 points of damage, it is destroyed.

Weapons: talons (19), beak (19)

Stone Griffin

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