The sorcerer can manipulate weather effects. Difficulties for all of these effects depend on the degree of change between current, normal weather conditions and the desired condition. The Difficulty for slight weather changes is 5; dramatic changes, 10; and extreme changes, 15. The Backlash from any Weather effect causes the sorcerer to take a -1 penalty to his Chi rating for the duration of the session; however, the sorcerer’s Chi cannot go below 0 due to this backlash.

Examples: Causing rain to fall on a heavily overcast day would be a slight change. Causing rain on a partially cloudy day with a low chance of precipitation would be a dramatic change. Causing a downpour on a cloudless day would be an extreme change. Similarly, turning rain into snow would be a slight change on a cold day, a dramatic change on a mild day, and an extreme change on a sweltering day.

Weather Special Effects

Cold. Sends people inside in search of shelter. Forces opponents to don awkward and constraining heavy coats, scarves, gloves. Causes guards to huddle together around heaters and garbage-can bonfires, abandoning their posts. (No, this isn’t mind control; these are things that might naturally occur as a result of cold weather.)

Heat and Humidity. Causes suffering to opponents wearing armor or heavy coats to conceal their portable arsenals. Makes exertion difficult. Makes others thirsty enough to drink that potion- or poison-laced but ice-cold glass of lemonade.

Fog. Obscures vision. Provides partial cover for yourself. Creates a sinister atmosphere and creeps out the easily-spooked.

Lightning. As per the Blast special effect of the same name; see p. 93.

Rain. Mires enemy vehicles in mud. Clears the streets of pesky bystanders. Demoralizes foes. Snow. Snarls traffic. Causes flight cancellations. Obscures vision.

Thunder. Impresses mooks and other underlings. Obscures sounds.

Wind. Knocks opponents over or slows them down. Blows away light objects. Damages buildings, knocks down trees and power lines. Creates sandstorms, which obscure vision and demoralize foes


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